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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 10, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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bernstein. >> when you get 20 minutes of sleep, you're up every hour of the day. cool this morning, chilly in spots, some readings down in the 30s. we'll rise to around 50 by 9:00. noon time temps well into the 50s. high around 61, 62 and by 6:00 back down to 51 degrees. for us, the northerly flow continues. temperatures this morning starting in the 40s with 30s out to the west in places like cumberland. 5:00 a.m., let's get to time saver traffic. >> so glad you could join us early. take a closer look at 95 headed northbound. we move it outside. still looking at a one-hour incident free commute.
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up towards the mixing bowl. next we're going to return to our realtime graphics, this time the focus is in maryland and virginia, 95 up towards 66. checking out nice clean and green. so far very volume-light, making your way towards that american legion bridge. as we have a look at your travel times, beginning with the outer loop in maryland. 95 southbound, in the clear. a lot of construction has chloride. 295, no problems towards the 11th street bridge. still ahead, andrea and mike, 5:10. we'll look to the toll roads. back to you kristen fisher reports some
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of the mall's planned projects. >> reporter: this is a major, multimillion dollar project that's going to be taking place over the next several years. now the bad news is that in the short-term it will likely please traffic, but the good news is that it'll make mallet a better more beautiful place to be around. it'll also create jobs. that's good news, especially in this tough economy and ultimately it will indeed improve traffic in the long-term, interior secretary ken salazar actually made this official. he signed off on the plan outside the jefferson memorial. a plan years in the making. it's described as being a blueprint for improving the mall for pedestrians. it's about protecting our nation's history and monuments. >> america cannot standby and let the national mall continue
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to be a national disgrace. with the national mall plan as our guide, the trust is committed to raising the private sector's path of the required funds to restore and improve this space to make it something that we all can be proud of. >> those improvement would include adding more paved areas for pedestrians. widening walkways at the title basin. here's my favorite one. building more bathrooms. who hasn't been stuck in the national mall and thought that at least once? finally renovating spaces such as union square and reflection pools outside the capital building. another improvement would be rebuilding goods you -- guess
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you can't rebuild grass, but redoing the grass. >> they're going to write several checks to make this happen, how are they going to come up with the money? >> reporter: you want to pay for it? write a check? i'm being somewhat serious, they haven't even started fund-raising for this plan just yet. all this signing yesterday was putting into place the mechanisms to begin fund-raising. they'll be looking to people just like you to start writing checks. they'll be hitting up larger corporations and non-profit foundations to try to get the money. they have to come up with a lot of it. $600 million is the price tag. >> time to get started. thanks, kristin. >> you have all those movie royalties coming in, i know it'll be there. while you slept, air force one just arrived in south korea.
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>> president obama is there attending a g-20 summit. some 50,000 police officers have been deployed for his visit. they want more resources dedicated to fighting poverty in the third world. singapore airlines has grounded some of its a-380 jets today. tests revealed oil stains on the engines in the jets. they'll be refitted with new engines. quantus grounded all its a-380s after engine leaks. hundreds of people attended a memorial for sue markum. she's remembered as an instructor who really got along with students.
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a teenager stole her car, but so far no one has been charged with her murder. investigators identified a teen who was shot and killed monday night in southeast washington. joseph sharp was walking with a friend when someone opened fire on them. sharp was a familiar student athlete in the district. he was dead on the scene. his friend though is expected to recover. investigators are still looking for suspects in the case. the ashburn virginia man accused of trying to help bomb al-qaeda stations says he's not guilty. officials say he plotted with people he thought were al-qaeda members, but they were undercover agents. his trial is scheduled for april. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street, we're hoping for better numbers. >> we have veteran's day tomorrow, so there is a ton of
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economic data that's been jammed onto the schedules today. we have new unemployment claims, readings on the nation's trade gap, the principal budget. hopefully god news will help stocks recover from two downed sessions am a row. the dow stands this morning at 11,3# 6 after dropping 60 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq dropped by 17. the s&p 500 fell by almost 10 points. more than 20 million taxpayers are at risk when they file their taxes next year. top democrats and republicans are coming together to stop the wealth tax from happening. the amt was originally intended to tax the rich at a higher rate, but in recent years, it's been hitting the middle class. we're getting a sneak peek
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at target's black friday deals. looks like shoppers will find three deals on hi-def tvs. a 40 inch for $298. this is the biggest door busters. westinghouse is currently selling online for $600. that's 50% off. this will be the one that people race to get at target. >> $1,000 cheaper than three years ago. >> today's money saver, we're continuing to navigate the pitfalls of holiday shopping. we're looking at return policies. they can be so confusing this time of year. it's a story barely taking a back seat to the midterm elections. >> donovan mcnabb is responding to the reports that coach shanahan has to dumb down the
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play book for him. what caused a trail in the sky that looked like a missile launch or superman. we'll be right back. 5:09.
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grab the jackets and your day today will be like yesterday. you probably won't need the jacket later on this afternoon as we get to a comfortable range for those highs. here's our day planner today, starting off in the 20s. 47 right now. 57 at noon. 58 by 5:00 p.m. high between 58 and 64. let's go to angie for your time saver traffic. >> thank you, howard. right now we're finding our lanes wide open for business, headed eastbound from the airport towards tyson's corner and beyond. up next, 5:17. we'll check on your maryland main roads. back to you.
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5:10 now. another disturbing crime along the u.s. mexico border. >> two university of mexico students have been gunned down. more than 30 rounds were fired at the two in the nissan sentra. elizabeth smart shared her story of near-rescue with jurors in the trial of her accused kidnapper brian mitchell. smart testified that a police officer actually tried to look behind her veil, but backed down when mitchell told him her face was covered for religious reasons. government officials are denying they had anything to do with the mysterious light scene off the china coast which looked like a missile launch. the trail couldn't come from an airplane or even an amateur rocket. it may be getting safer to
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venture across the street of washington. it's coming up on 5:12. you're watching 9 news now. stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts.
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good morning, welcome back to 9 news now.
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it's 5:14. i need more coffee badly. >> you have permission while he's doing weather. >> weather-wise, we have a good day once again. the sun's coming out here, still not for another hour and a half. but we'll get a day like we had. nice afternoons with sunshine and temps running in the low 60s. here's your bus stop forecast. you're definitely going to feed a jacket, probably gloves in spots, some of the readings down now in the 30s. most areas in the 40s. winds not too bad. there's your sunrise at 6:45. sunset today, 4:59 p.m. by 9:00, we're sunny, 50 degrees, running about 10 miles an hour. noon time, 57, again with northerly winds about 10:00. we've got 48 in annapolis this morning, 39 culpepper.
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la ray, orange. cumberland 36. martinsburg, 35. your growing season is over. rest in our cold spot this morning at 38. gaithersburg, rockville, bethesda, mid-40s. here we go. national 47. clear skies. north winds at 8, windchill of 43 in town but again, we have areas down in the 30s and like yesterday, and like monday, this storm still spinning in the atlantic. boston, areas of maine, another wet day at times. showers and cool temperatures for them. for us, what you see is what you get. more sunshine, through midday, through 5:00, 6:00, we're sunny here. the storm sits east. we look to the west, there's
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nothing headed toward us. few sprinkles in ohio late tonight toward tomorrow morning. even tomorrow, another quiet, sunny day. temperatures in the 50s to around 60. we're in a nice stretch and will continue the nice stretch of weather through the upcoming weekend. 62 today. 60 tomorrow, your veteran's day? thank you veterans, going to be a nice day for you, 60. god day to go and remember those veterans. friday 64 degrees. next week, little cooler. next chance of rain, we pushed it off a day, tuesday with highs in the 50s. it's time for time saver traffic. >> push it out a few more days if you want to. >> great wednesday, good morning. we're going to take a closer look at 270. tracking the cars down towards the split. you'll find your way into the
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wide open. back to the realtime graphics, this time the focus will be on the outer loop in maryland. if you move it outside, lanes are moving wide open from 95 over to 270. everything on the inner loop as well, is clear. this is your live condition at university boulevard. a check on your travel times, 66 in the green from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. 15 minutes on make it from 395 towards the toll road. 674 over to the beltway. a 6-minute commute. still ahead at 5:25. a check on the bw parkway traffic, mike, back to you. metro is trying a new way to get the attention of pedestrians. >> the bus is turning. >> that's a talking bus. they're broadcasting a caution message before they turn in northeast washington. the washington metro area transit authority says the shouting buses are part of a test program to try to improve safety.
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arlington police are cracking down on drivers who don't yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. [whistle]. >> police were stationed at several roslyn intersections yesterday. they handed out 33 citations to drivers and gave warnings to pedestrians and cyclists. the capitals throw some punches but do they put enough pucks in the net? highlights next in sports. at 5:19. here's our question of the day. for some couples, separate beds is still a daily trend. what percentage of couples do you think admitted to sleeping
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-really? -that's terrific! -did not know that. -i'm in. [ male announcer ] america spoke, verizon listened. switch to fios today, now with no term contract required. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. 5:22. howard bernstein here. clear skies once again. 9:00, most temperatures in the
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40s around town. mid- to upper 50s northerly winds, 40 miles an hour. clouds up towards pittsburgh. looking at a very sunny day. low 60s will pop up. by 5:00 p.m. we're back, 6:00 p.m. we're back into the upper 50s. >> thank you, howard. 5:23. this has been one of the big topics in football for the last ten days. >> sure has. everywhere around the country too, not just in d.c. now we're hearing donovan mcnabb's response to those reports that surfaced after his benching. mike kanewble snipped the net in the 13 games since. i'd say he picked an excellent time to end that slump. here's mike green doing a
5:24 am
rhinoplasty on brandon duvinski. do not leave the toilet seat up, thank you. look at alex ovechkin with the puck. there ends the drought. in the third, loose puck behind the net, matt bradley to matt hendricks. caps are now 11-4-and-0. the report emerged on sunday claiming that mike shanahan had to simplify the redskins playback because mcnabb couldn't learn it. donovan responded to that claim on his radio show yesterday. >> that is hilarious to me. that's really funny to me. everyone will say whatever all throughout this week and during the game. i don't focus on it, everyone else shouldn't focus on it, let's just move on. >> that's a quick look at sports
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this morning. have a great wednesday everybody. many people struggle without jobs, you might be surprised at the trend in federal jobs. we're take a closer look at a new plan to make massive improvements around the national mall. >> we're checking things out in realtime on the baltimore washington parkway. past 198 to the beltway. all clear. still ahead, we'll check on the drive on 395 and in the district. that's at 5:29. stay with us. [ female announcer ] introducing pillsbury sweet moments bite-sized brownies
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layers of brownie and caramel, dipped in chocolate ready to eat sweet moments new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section [ female announcer ] pure, wholesome ingredients make new simply breads and biscuits a delicious addition to the family. simply... new from pillsbury. welcome back. it's almost 5:30. >> angie will have your traffic in just a moment. >> good morning. >> deep breath. >> give me a couple extra minutes to get situated. >> looking great, it's all good.
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>> all about the weather. >> it's weather first. a good wednesday morning, we have a good day ahead. winds won't be that bad. temperatures will be right where they should be. here's your day planner today. we're in the 40s, some upper 30s. noon temps, upper 50s, we'll be near 60 by 5:00 p.m. looking for highs today about 66. still looking at that storm spinning, i'm tired of talking about this. you're going to hear about it, especially up to new england. bring the showers and this morning, bring a coat. got 39 in manassas. frederick, you're the cold spot at 34. it's 5:29. i need some time saver traffic. >> that's what i'm here to deliver, howard, silver spring, unfortunately i have report of an accident out this way. university boulevard. merrimack drive. taking you over to 395, we'll
5:30 am
move it on out and zoom in towards uh, the virginia roadway. why don't we go ahead and show you the live conditions. toward the 14th street bridge. nothing in the way. back to the maps, this time the focus will be in northeast d.c., inbound new york avenue, finding our lanes open, no incidents, no accidents to report from the times building towards the third street tunnel. outer loop, maryland, 95 and maryland. nice, clean and green on all three of these roads. your next traffic update, live conditions coming up, back to you. air force one touchdowns down in seoul south korea this morning. the president ears in indonesia, a country he lived in for several years as a boy.
5:31 am
there he praised the predominantly muslim nation for its efforts to root out terrorists. at the kennedy center last night, tina fey became the youngest person to be honored with the mark twain prize for american humor. the 40-year-old became famous as a writer and performer on "saturday night live". she's the third woman to receive the prize after lily tomlin and whoopi goldberg. the secretary of the interior has approved a plan to give the national mall a multimillion dollar facelift. one of the improvement projects already in progress is along the sea wall. kristin has more on how much it will cost. >> reporter: the price tag is a whopping $600 million. but the big key here is raising money for all of the projects
5:32 am
that this new national mall plan is attempting to do here. a lot of the things this plan wants to do, i guarantee are some of the same things, when you're walking around the national mall, you thought this could use improvement. these are all things you've at least thought about at one point or another when you've been down to the national mall. one of the things that the national mall plan will be doing, it would be adding more paved areas for pedestrians. especially down by the tidal basin, especially important during the annual cherry blossom festival. it'd be about rebuilding sea walls and widening walkways at the tidal basin. they'll be renovating spaces like union square and also the reflecting pool outside the u.s. capital. as interior secretary ken salazar formally signed off on this plan yesterday afternoon outside the jefferson memorial, that gave the national park
5:33 am
service the green light to begin the fund-raising efforts for this plan. the good news? it'll make the national mall a whole lot prettier and more pleasant to be around. it could snarl up traffic for a few more years to come. >> thank you, kristin. today the chandra levy murder trial resumes. the latest prosecution witness was a former cell mate of guandique. levy's remains were found in 2002. a year after she disappeared. prosecutors expect to call three or four more witnesses before resting their case. a decision could be made today on the future of a controversial bar in college park maryland. local lawmakers have been soliciting input on the thirsty turtle. a fight in the bar led to four stabbings last month. a hearing is scheduled today on whether to revoke the bar's
5:34 am
liquor license. some lawmakers in the city of alexandria want to put the state of virginia to increase its tax on cigarettes. >> based on research from other states, one of the most effective strategies for really reducing uh, cigarette smoking and therefore second hand smoke in the community is really by increasing the overall price of cigarettes. >> now at 30 cents per pack, virginia actually is the second lower cigarette tax in the nation. maryland cigarette tax is $2 a pack. in d.c. it's 2.50. it is 5:34. time for another your money report. >> federal worker's salaries at least in some cases have been exploding. the number of federal workers
5:35 am
earning $150,000 or more ayear has surged more than ten-fold in five years and doubled since president obama took office. in 20054700 -- 7400 federal workers made over 150,000 --. now in 2010, 82,000 making $150,000. people's stress level about money is down from september and way down from this time last year. fewer people plan to shop in the next 30 days. that could mean a slow start to the holiday shopping season. this morning we're helping you avoid holiday shopping pitfalls. the holiday season may make some people relax their return policies, but not all of them. make sure you know a store's
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policy before you buy something. if they require a receipt, be sure you get one and inform your recipient of any return policies limitations. check out my blog, or follow me on twitter. i'd love to be your friends on facebook. get the gift receipts, so important. all right, thank you, jessica. we have a way for you to help others have a happier holiday season coming up. a look at ways to create more jobs for part of the common world. an area code day? it's a holiday? so remember, as you press those buttons on your cell phone, uh, or your speed dial, it's area code day. >> happy holiday.
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welcome back. 5:38. nice morning out here. some areas in the 30s. the stars look great this morning. we've got sunshine. 57 at noon. 5:00 p.m., 59 degrees. here's angie with time saver traffic. eastbound out of gainesville, 45-minute commute towards centreville and inside the beltway. we'll have a look at more roads around the region in virginia coming up at 5:47. back to you. two of virginia's top-elected officials put the focus on job creation yesterday. a $5 million grant will provide green job training to residents in the shenandoah valley. the construction was highlighted of a fiber-optic network in allegheny county. both projects are funded with federal stimulus dollars and have implications for economic
5:40 am
development. >> that will help improve the quality of life of citizens who can get access to this service, but it will also help improve the economic competitiveness of the region in recruiting new business, industry and jobs. >> in order to receive the $8 million grant, the fiber-optic company was required to match that amount. we're inviting you to help the less fortunate, your neighbors, this year in our food drive 9. local boy scouts passed out bags this past weekend. they'll be back to pick them up this saturday. if you live in the district this year, the boy scouts will take donations, also at the city's 15 safeway stores. the items that help the most include canned tuna, peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, pasta rice, multigrain cereal and hygiene products. actress betty white comes to d.c. to realize the dream she had as a little girl.
5:41 am
and for today's birthdays, we start off with a big semper phi. . former snfk -- snl cast member.
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5:44. coming up on 5:45. we do weather first. going to be sunny today. going to be comfortable this afternoon. this afternoon, same old routine. get the jackets. may need the gloves. same old weather pattern.
5:45 am bus stop forecast, temps running in the 30s and 40s out there. we'll be in the 50s by 9:00, 10:00 at the latest. sunsets today, going to keep reminding you, 4:59 standard time. here's our day planner. expecting lots of sunshine, northerly winds at about 10 miles an hour. 9:00 a.m. temp, 50. upper 50s at noon. around 60 at 3:00. this is when it'll top out to the day. 2:30, 2:45. partly cloudy and 57 degrees. we've got 48 annapolis and cambridge. it is also 47 down it the naval air station. manassas, culpepper, winchester, 37. martinsburg, frederick, cumberland. along with stanton, gaithersburg, leesburg, 45 degrees this morning.
5:46 am
nationals 47. north winds at 8:00. windchill of 43, that's not so bad when you see some of the air temperatures we were looking at, mid-30s. across the country, look at all the real estate right here, under high pressure. that wants to move in. the lows, the storms keep coming to the west. want to push it toward us. this storm this way, this storm here continues to spin on the atlantic. that is slowly going to pull away. what that does, we'll see a decent warm-up just in time for the weekend. chilly north winds are going on across much of the northeast. mid-atlantic this morning, storm system offshore. we'll continue to watch it, through 6:00 tonight. light northerly winds. then again on thursday, veteran's day, we're dealing with the storm slowly pulling away. just some really nice november weather. next three days, 62 today. sunshine. veteran's day and friday, still looking sunny. back in the low to mid-60s on friday.
5:47 am
upper 60s on saturday. should be nice friday night, also the high school football games. sunday, 65 and then now we're looking at that next chance of rain tuesday with high in the upper 50s. it's 5:46. time saver traffic time. >> a lot of people liking you howard bernstein with a report like that. hope you're off to a great start. right now we're in silver spring. report of an accident on university boulevard. we want to take a wider view of the area. overall no major accidents or incidents to report at this time. clean drive out of fredericksburg. going back to our maps, we keep it in virginia, this time, 66, that'll be our focus. move it outside, looks like we're doing okay here, making your way out of the gainesville area. we want to check on your trains as well. all of them are on time.
5:48 am
coming up at 6:01, in your next traffic report, a look at maryland's roads. virginia's governor has decided what to do with the $1.45 billion found in the audit's fund. the common wealth transportation board gets to decide where to spend the money. some $524 million will we store cuts from previous plans. the board will match federal highway funds for specific projects. the board must select those projects by next june when it sets priorities by approving a new six-year improvement plan. here's what's making news now: 5:48. this morning tug boats are dragging a stranded carnival cruise ship back to shore very slowly. it lost power after a fire in the engine room. 4500 passengers and crews have no air conditioning, no hot
5:49 am
water or internet service. the journey is expected to take two days. joe miller has filed a lawsuit over the way elections officials plan to count ballot later today. state officials said they'll use discretion when it comes to spellings of lisa murkowski's name. tea party candidate in the republican primary. miller says the law requires the candidates names be spelled correctly. well, they didn't expect him until after thanksgiving, but a soldier from georgia surprised his daughters by coming home early. he didn't just walk in the door, he hid in a box at abigail and hannah's school as they practiced for a veteran's day program. when they opened the box, it took the girls to realize "that's dad." >> that's great. she's been a golden girl and the oldest person to get on
5:50 am
"saturday night live". >> betty white had a dream she couldn't realize. the 88-year-old came to washington, finally from philly. >> yellowstone park became my second home. >> reporter: betty white is now an honorary forest ranger. >> would it be all right if i wore my hat? >> reporter: white has wanted this title since she was a young girl. because she was a girl, she couldn't be a ranger. >> as excited and grateful as i am, i know two people who would be over the moon. the mother and dad. thank you. >> reporter: white says she was honored, one of her fellow rangers says the milestone means a lot to him. >> i lost my eyesight from a vehicle accident. >> reporter: joe mead says it's white's work with guide dogs that's helped him in the forest service. >> early in the forest service
5:51 am
career, it was dominated by individuals that were able-bodied and pretty much male and white. so to have her embrace as a ranger for me a person that represents diversity and truly value that diversity, it's just, it's a double-honor. >> reporter: white says she's going to use her celebrity status to help the forest service. >> try to spread the word to each other how important it is to save that. once you pave it over, it never comes back. >> betty white believes washington is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. there are significant demographic differences according to a new report out by the american human development project. the d.c. area ranks first in the measure of life expectancy, education and income, followed closely by boston, new york,
5:52 am
philadelphia and chicago. however, white washington residents have a life expectancy of just over 83 years, 12 years more than their black neighbors, while asian americans earn more in every region. we'll have the answer to today's question of the day when we get back. a well-known actor takes a seat behind the camera on csi miami. looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything? how about some hot technology? i'll tell you which gadgets are getting the top mark. you're watching 9 news now. ♪
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. it is 5:55. looking at lots of sunshine today. temperatures will be the big story on the futurecast. through the 9:00 hour. mid-40s in the shenandoah valley. we vamped it toward noon, still sunny. 57. 53 hagerstown. 56 fredericksburg, even through mid-afternoon, high temperatures approach 60 degrees. lower 60s to our west. upper 50s along the bay. mike and andrea? we all remember the days of
5:56 am
separate beds for mar ayad -- married couples on t tv. what percentage of couples ad mit to still sleeping in separate bedrooms? the answer is 23%. a 2005 survey found nearly 1 in 4 married couples admitted to sleeping in separate bedrooms. the main reason they say is comfort. when one partner has trouble sleeping or has a snoring problem. they figure it's better to be separate and both get rest. well from the bedroom to our local buys, it looks like our top story right now has some
5:57 am
connection to sleeping. a touchy subject, there was a local launch party to celebrate the awkward conversation of my first time on stage. the broadway play is now here in d.c. inspired by a website where people anonymously share their first sexual experience. more actors tell the story. >> a lot of funny stories, heartbreaking stories. basically a whole collage of very vital part of the human experience. >> you bet it is. the show runs through the end of november at the burke theater at the u.s. navy memorial. >> i want your event tickets to share on the air. visit my blog. add picturesand story ideas. from separation to csi miami, david arquette is
5:58 am
back in the spotlight. >> working on the show's been a real blessing. it came at a perfect time. >> reporter: david is directing csi miami almost a month after his separation went public. >> how has it been in the center of this crazy storm? >> it's been intense, but i get it. we're a celebrity couple, it's no big surprise that what we're going through becomes news. >> i love her with all my heart, she loves me, you know, we'll see what happens. >> keep your hands where i can see them. >> reporter: in this episode, an internet relationship goes bad. adam rodriguez gives us the run down. >> we cracked some heads in the process and get him in the end. >> reporter: david is hands on, even moving cars when he must. >> the guy's great. we're having a great time with him.
5:59 am
we hope he comes back many, many times. >> csi miami, sunday night. right here 10:00, channel 9. >> after sunday football. >> david arquette creating a lot of budge. >> we heard who's going to take over for mary hart. nancy o'dell. mary hart just celebrated a birthday. 60 years old. >> happy 235th birthday to the marine corps. a good day for that. happy wednesday everybody. got a good sunny day ahead. let's get your day planner going on this wednesday morning. temperatures are now in the 40s here in washington. some 30s in our suburbs to the west. grab the jackets this morning.


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